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Okay, so this isn't even half of what I would love to show you about the last 7 months, but since I've been a lazy slacker this is what you get :) We had a new addition to our family, Mila (meela) Dawn born Sept. 1 and she has been such a joy in our home. I can't believe I'm so blessed to be the proud Mama of such beautiful little girls.

Kailan has loved being a big sister and has been such a great help!

 Mila's first bath :)
 Kailan has been doing a lot of this while...
 Mila has been doing a lot of this ;)

 We had fun getting Christmas trees, and Kailan sled the WHOLE time!

 Family photo 2011
 Lots if My Little Ponies for Christmas, it's Kailans favorite
 Blue has been doing a lot of this

 Big sister helping out again!
 Daddy and Kailan working on the backyard

 Princess with her pretty nails
 First Pig tails

 Notice who blue is looking at?
 Kailan's new gun, thanks Daddy

 My lovely Ladies in thier fancy tutus!


June was a busy month!

June started off with Marc and Kailan fixing our truck so it would be ready for our big trip to Disneyland and Pismo beach. We had a blast hanging out with family, riding four-wheelers, and camping on the beach!

 Kailan got coached from her daddy and papa on how to ride the four-wheeler. Let's just say she's not ready for competition yet :)

 Kailan was star struck when she met the Princesses, which was the highlight of her trip. She also enjoyed riding Pirates of the Carribean, she rode it 3 times and wanted to go more but we wanted her to see other things too :)


Spring Break 2011

This spring break we got to hang out with some family members and go hiking in one of our family's favorite spots.

 I just love her litte butt.

 We also got a lot of jump time in. Kailan loves going out on the trampoline, and at night we've been going outside to look at the moon and the stars. Too much fun!


Dumont for Marc's Birthday!

Dumont just wouldn't be the same without a 4' deep hole and 4-wheeler riding! We had so much fun on Marcs birthday weekend (aka superbowl). We had good friends with us, good food, and just a great time all together!